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Types of House Paints

Selecting a type of paint for your project may seem a daunting experience with so many types of paints in the market. Many of these paints are always tainted as the best of their kind but the truth is, there are just two major types of paints and all others are just derivatives.

We basically have oil and water based paints in the market. The Oil based paint is referred to as alkyd. The water based paint is called acrylic or latex. As much as the two types of paints achieve the same process, the differences between them are in their drying processes, their ease of use and or difficulty as the case may be, and finally, their finishes.

Oil based paint takes more time to dry compared to their water based paint. The drying addictive included in the composition of the oil based paint helps aid in its drying time. On the other hand, the water based paint dry as the moisture evaporates which is faster than the oil based depending on the environmental factors.

The finish of the oil based paint is glossier and harder and require special chemicals for clean-up compared to the water based paint. The clean-up process of the water based paints makes them a very popular choice among painters. They can easily be cleaned with warm water and just a little mild detergent.

Leaving the domain of the two major types of paints, there are more derivatives in the market including:

Latex - This is a type of water based paint. The main term actually is acrylic latex because the paint contains a plastic resin made of acrylics rather than rubber. Latex paints are known to work well on surfaces previously painted with flat oil base paints or latex. At other times, they are also used on unprimed drywall or rather, unpainted masonry.

Enamel Paint - Enamel is a type of paint with a hard, glossy and opaque finish. On a general note, these paints can come in either the water based or the oil based form. They are characterized by heat resistant properties. Depending on if it is water based or oil based, the drying times differ. Known for their quality, Enamel paints are in the house to paint the bathroom, the kitchen, doors and other types of flooring.

Acrylic - This is a term used for water based house paint. The active ingredient in the paint is called acrylic. They are known for their durability because they don't yellow or easily wash off.

Primer - In the real sense of it, primer may not be considered a paint on its own but it is a necessary step in painting projects if you want your work to be durable. As with most other paints, it is available in both water based formula or oil based formula depending on your preference. As a safe rule, it is always recommended that you select a water based primer when using latex and oil based formula when using alkyd house paints.


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